Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Comics - 2/1/06

Fantastic Four #534 (Marvel): I thought this was a Fantastic Four comic. Instead, we have a Hulk comic with the FF guest starring. A decent tale - and since I like the Hulk more than I like the FF, I won't really complain. But it seems odd the first really well told story of JMS's run on the FF barely features them.

Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #4 (Marvel): Since a good chunk of the team is comprised of werewolves, they really are "howling" - although Nick Fury barely appears in this series. This series started off slow, with nearly unintelligible story and art. Issues 3 & 4 have gotten better, as they make more sense. But I still can't tell what's going on.

Beowulf #6 (Speakeasy): ?????? After a great initial start, the last two issues of this series devolved into subpar art and barely comprehensible storytelling. Beowulf originally dies while fighting the dragon. The same thing happened with this series - the last good issue was when he fought the dragon in the subway system. We find out who the Knights of the Blood really are, but it's an offhand revelation that means little - and the ending really wants to tie up most of the plotlines up to this point, but it just can't quite do it.

JSA Classified #8 (DC): Just the other day, I was thinking: "There aren't enough tales featuring the Golden Age Flash." Well, someone at DC must have been reading my mind. Though I am usually creeped out by tales where people loose their free will because of magical enchantments.

Angel: Old Friends #3 (IDW): A officially approved sequel to the TV series. Fred and Wesley return (but aren't they dead? And if Fred is alive, than who is Illyria?). Oh, yeah and then Spike finds himself fighting - Spike? My only complaint is that these issues always feel too short: The story is progressing nicely, but I hate having a commercial break that lasts a whole month.

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