Monday, February 19, 2007

Ghost Rider "sorta kinda" review

Random Thoughts on the Ghost Rider movie:

1. As evidenced by the link on my sidebar, I love the character of Ghost Rider. He's one of the best and most interesting comic characters ever created. At their worst, they were a sort of horror-lite (i.e. scary for nine year olds), but at their best they were morality plays about dealing with and overcoming your own inner demons.

2. Generally, the average age of most comic book readers today is someone in their mid to late twenties. They want a bit more meat on their stories.

3. This movie is basically on the "scary for nine-year olds" level. It also basically has the plot of a video game - fight one themed villain after another until you reach the final level and battle the big bad. In 1983, this would have been a pretty cool film. Right now, I'm convinced nine and ten year olds will love it. The core audience, however, will most likely be disappointed at the utter immaturity of it all.

4. Cage does a decent job acting. Several scenes that would otherwise have been unsalvagable come across as decent because Cage is committed to the role and gives it his all. So, while the movie was awful, Cage at least comes across as a mildly talented actor.

5. What is up with this Emo villain? Blackheart looks like he belongs among the perpetually depressed angsty youth. The Devil really must be a lousy parent.

6. The director has no subtlety. Yes, it's a movie about a guy with a flaming skull who rides a motorcycle, but several scenes are so over the top they make the rest of the movie seem restrained. Why is Blackheart mugging for the camera in the middle of a desert with no one around? Why does Roxanne Simpson have to be framed in white while wearing a white dress and making a dramatic entrance? How come Blackheart can enter a church and kill a priest, but can't go visit a cemetery because it's "hallowed ground"?

7. Mark S. Johnson should never be allowed to make another comic book themed movie. Ever.


danithew said...

I've been wanting to hear more about this movie and at some point I'll probably see it (probably when it's on DVD).

Ghostrider was one of the first comic books I ever read.

Ivan Wolfe said...

After the Star Wars comics, Ghost Rider was the next comics I read. I managed to get ahold of them during J.M DeMatteis's run, which was one of the meatier runs on the series.

Of course, the movie has a totally different take on the character as well. In the comics, there was a bounty hunter who worked for the Devil, but it wasn't Ghost Rider - he was the one tracking Ghost Rider down.

This is a clear rental, if you see it at all. It isn't worth even a matinee ticket.

Friar Tuck said...

i love "the devil must be a lousy parent" line