Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Comics purchased (and read) 8/31/05

Marvel Comics:

1602: New World #2: If you haven't read the brilliant but overhyped 1602 written by British author Neil Gaiman, this won't make a whole lot of sense. That said, the 1602 concept (what if Spider-Man, the X-men, etc. started out in 1602 rather than the 1960s) is a fun one, and writer Greg Pak does a decent job following in Gaiman's footsteps.

Wha Huh? #1: An utter travesty of a humor book. Not funny and vaguely insulting to the reader and comic fans in general.

Speakeasy Comics:

Beowulf #4: Not a comic version of the Old English Epic. This series has the original Anglo-Saxon superhero resurrected in modern times, where he fights the Dragon that killed him (now residing in the subway tunnels of New York) and does battle with a shadowy government organization. A fun read, with moody art.


danithew said...

I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of this Beowulf comic. I loved Beowulf back when I was an English major.

Ivan Wolfe said...

It is an interesting attempt to meld superheroes with Anglo-Saxon themes. So far, not much has been revealed - Beowulf himself seems confused about exactly why he was ressurected.

The main plot point is that superpowered beings are popping up all over the world. Beowulf is trying to get to them first, because if he doesn't, some shadowy extra-governmental organization will and either converts or kills them.

The art is excellent, the story intriguing - but it also teeters on the edge of derailment.