Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sci-Fi Fridays 8-26-05

6:00 Firefly: I got distracted a few times, so if there was any special behind the scenes footage for the upcoming movie Serenity (based on Firefly), I missed it. Plot wise, this was an unremarkable episode, but arc-wise it established that River was a bit more than just a girl the eeeeeeeeeeevil (*cackling laughter*) government experimented on - there are hints she can read minds or see the future.

7:00 Stargate SG-1: An okay episode - a break from the unsubtle main villains this season - this episode tries to clean up hanging plot points from last season without eliminating them entirely. Clones are involved.

8:00 Stargate: Atlantis: About as predictable an episode as possible. I guessed the ending (both of them) ten minutes into the show. The characters are unremarkable and unlikable, and the plots mundane and recycled.

9:00 Battlestar Galactica: Honestly, TV sci-fi has never been better than this. [side note: Richard Hatch has never done better acting, even when he starred in the original BSG.] Commander Adama gives up some of his hubris, and he and President Rosalyn reach an understanding.

On the religious note, the colonies have a very odd set of scriptures: They read like watered down Isaiah (and without the calls for morality). In fact, they aren't gospels in any sense (despite one character referring to them as such) - they predict the future but prescribe no code of conduct. This makes me wonder if the this is deliberate on the creators part, or if the creators of the show are as clueless about religion as recent shows have lead me to believe. Don't get me wrong - the show is gripping, moving and well written - and it has one of the (so far) best treatments of religion on TV. This will not be a typical Hollywood-ized version of religion - but I also get the idea the writers/producers aren't particularly religious themselves and have only glanced at any actual real life scriptures.

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