Thursday, September 22, 2005



LOST on ABC is back. Great show last night. I have seen what is in the hatch, and it's the apartment of someone stuck in the 1970s.

This show keeps getting better and better.

INVASION, on the other hand was dissapointing. Lame dialouge, one-dimensional characters and unsympathetic protagonists. A decent set-up, but as my time as a grad student is precious, I'm sitting this one out for now. If I hear good things in the future, I might tune back in.

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Anonymous said...

I am into Invasion, mainly because I find it ironic that it mirrors things that are going on in reality right here in our own country. Military/government coverups! They, the government, are trying to desensitize us to martial law and things of the like through television. It's just a fact, do a little research and I think you'll agree.