Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Battlestar Galactica so far.

Well, the first few episodes of this season were great, thrilling, edge of the seat stuff. The political context was quite obvious, but I was so wrapped up in the epic nature of the first four hours of season three, that I barely noticed it.

However, it's been downhill since then. And the last episode had what I thought was a horrible moral: If you have issues with someone, you should beat up on each other until you realize just how much in love you really are.

Adama and Roslin have the only adult relationship on the show - it seems all the other major characters are stuck in Jr. High.

And what is the Cylon's plan? It seems rather clear right now they don't have one, other than to wander about the universe aimlessly and occasionally have sex with Dr. Baltar.

After listening to a few podcasts, the creators seem to think everything they have made this season is pure gold - and it really isn't. The character motivations would only make sense if the characters were all going through puberty, and the plots are rather tepid and rely way too much on wild, bizarre coincidences (esepcially the one about the escaped POW a few weeks ago).

The show earned my trust in the first two seasons, but it hasn't earned my trust yet this season. Here's hoping they pick it up soon.


Friar Tuck said...

sorry I hate it when shows all the sudden go goofy

Ivan Wolfe said...

Neither do I. And this show was so darn good for two seasons that it's rather upsetting.