Thursday, December 21, 2006

So little choice...

Well, it's Christmas break and grades are in. So my wife and I decided to rent some movies.

Well, there are a few movies we want to see that aren't out on video yet, but we were surprised at how few movies there were that even vaguely interested us. It seems like, except for half a dozen movies, the last year in movie offerings were pretty lame.

Even the few movies we were interested in seeing, such as Pirates of the Carribean 2 or Superman Returns, more often than not were rather disappointing. All the good stuff is on TV, apparently (though even there, 95% of the offerings are worthless. Outside of Lost, Battlestar Galactica, House, Heroes and Mythbusters, there isn't much worth seeing, IMHO).

We rented My Super Ex-Girlfriend out of desperation and turned it off 1/2 hour or so in. We weren't offended by anything - it was just so darn boring we realized we didn't care about anyone or anything in the movie. It wasn't even worth making fun of, as with many other bad movies. This wasn't a bad movie, it was just banal.


danithew said...

Some movies we saw that we enjoyed:

Akeelah and the Bee - surprisingly strong story with great actors

End of the Spear - a powerful and true story about Christian missionaries who are prepared to give up their lives to convert a violent South American tribe.

Last Holiday - starring Queen Latifah and L.L. Cool J ... but it's not a movie about hip hop. It's a story about a woman who finds out she has cancer and wants to spend her remaining time enjoying the things she really loves. A really nice film.

Give these a shot.

Ivan Wolfe said...


Akeelah and the Bee was one of that half-dozen or so we were interested in watching.

Last Holiday - usually my wife and I usually don't care for sentimental films of that type, but since there's little else and with your recommendation, I think we will watch it after all.

End of the Spear - hadn't heard about that one. I'll read some reviews and see if it looks good.

Mostly, we're sci-fi geeks, so we're waiting for The Illusionist and The Prestige to come out on video.